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Aschaffenburg, Colos-Saal Konzertbericht, 16.01.2002, Epi Schmidt
Argus CD-Review, MCA Decca, 1972 (2002), Manni Hüther
NL-Lichtenvoorde, Arrow Classic Rock Festival Festivalbericht, 27.06.2003, Ralf Frank & Jürgen Ruland
Time Was... The Live Anthology CD-Review, Castle Music, 2004, Epi Schmidt
Lost Pearls (a.k.a. The Pigsty Tapes) CD-Review, Talking Elephant, 2004, Dietrich Gastrock
All Ash Live CD-Review, Recording Arts SA, 2004, Dietrich Gastrock
Backbones CD-Review, Talking Elephant, 2004, Epi Schmidt
Bare Bones DualDisc-Review, Sanctuary Records, 2005 (1999), Epi Schmidt
25th Anniversary Of The Marquee DVD-Review, Warner Music/Classic Pictures, 2006, Ralf Stierlen
Argus - Then Again Live CD-Review, Talking Elephant, 2008, Dietrich Gastrock
Argus - Through The Looking Glass CD-Review, Mystic Records, 2008, Dietrich Gastrock
"Argus" vs. "Argus" vs. "Argus" Vergleich, 26.12.2008, Dietrich Gastrock
Aschaffenburg, Colos-Saal Konzertbericht, 28.01.2009, Dietrich Gastrock
Andy Powell: Der Musiker als Generalmanager Interview, 28.01.2009, Dietrich Gastrock
New Live Dates - Volume One & Two CD-Review, Dirty Dog Discs, 2006 & 2007, Dietrich Gastrock
Martin Turner: Immer enttäuscht von Andys Band Interview, 28.03.2009, Dietrich Gastrock
Elegant Stealth CD-Review, ZYX Records, 2011, Dietrich Gastrock
Startseite > Alle Bands > Übersicht Wishbone Ash

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